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Alleluia, He is Risen!

It is my joy to prayerfully share the good news of Christ's resurrection with you. Yes, Christ is risen. Alleluia! Looking forward, I believe that the celebration of these fifty days leading to Pentecost, will be for you such a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of Christian witnessing with family, friends, and your loved ones.

Most of you spend your time to read my homilies each week. Some of you take your time to respond and give me feedback, helping to inspire me to reflect on the mystery of Christ's love. You simply sustain my zeal to evangelize through this medium. Significantly, many of you support our efforts financially through your donation towards building Emeka's Orphanage Home for our kids with disabilities in Nigeria. I do not take your commitment for granted. May the joy of Easter gladden your hearts.

Easter is a great time to declare the goodness of God through the power of Christ's Resurrection. Easter gives meaning to our witnessing to the gospel. Easter sends us out to minister to those in need. Easter reminds us of the power of light over darkness, courage over fear, love over abandonment, hope over hopelessness. Easter makes us disciples to the "Galilee" of our time and demands that we run with the good news in order to transform lives.

As our wonderful friend and companion in this outreach, your commitment to the Family Apostolate means a lot to me and to my team. Even the kids in Nigeria tell me to let you know that they pray for you. In their words, "You love us like Jesus. God bless you. Amen." To them you are an angel. Isn't that amazing?

Resurrexit, sicut dixit, alleluia!

Happy Easter from Fr. Vin and the FA Team.

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