Couples' call

Remain in God's love:

“Remain in me” (John 15:4), is a special invitation to couples. As couple, is a way of reminding you of the source of your sustenance in marriage. Your marriage cannot survive if it does not draw strength from Christ. Christ states explicitly, “Cut off from me, you can do nothing”; “Remain in me as I remain in you”. It is very clear.  

Once couples start shrinking in their faith, they start shrinking in their love. As Fulton Sheen said, love one another as a gift from God, not as gods. That way, you find in your spouse, an irreplaceable gift that cannot expire. Always recognize that your love flows from the Vine whose branches you are.

If you center on yourselves, you get frustrated, wear out and wither. If you concentrate on yourselves alone, then you become exposed to the tortures of self-centered ego. You become jealous. You become possessive. You become more of a receiver than a giver because your love is not refilled by Love itself. I urge you all to make Jesus the center and source of your love.

Pray together as couple. Move to God together spiritually. Move along with your partner in faith. Enjoy God’s love together, don’t stay back, and don’t pull the other backwards. God loves you together. That way, you will bear endless fruits in your precious relationship. That way, you won’t contemplate divorce even when the challenges come in your marriage.