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The Family Apostolate and Dynamic Catholic team up!

The Family Apostolate is excited to partner with Dynamic Catholic to bring you the "Better Together" marriage series. It is both a marriage preparation and a marriage enrichment series. The goal is to help engage couples to start their marriage journey on a solid spiritual and psychological foundation. 

The Better Together series also equips already married couples with desired tools to overcome challenges - better communication , improved listening skills, and healthy relationships anchored on mutual spiritual and emotional intimacy. So, whether you are just starting your marriage journey or have been on the path for a while, we have a marriage enrichment program designed specifically for you. 

Every Couple wants to have a great marriage and we are dedicated to help your relationship reach that goal in anyway. Click below to find resources that will help enrich your relationship.  

Want to become a marriage facilitator? 

Currently, we are recruiting volunteer couple facilitators. Being a facilitator will enable you to participate in the program and to support other couples in their journey. 

Facilitators will coordinate group sharing experiences when couples meet. You could facilitate as a spouse alone or as couples together.


The Family Apostolate and Dynamic Catholic team up!


Living a fulfilling married life can be challenging, and at times complicated. It’s no wonder the disciples said to Jesus, “If that is how things are between husband and wife, it is advisable not to marry” (Matthew 19:10). As a priest and a professional marriage and family therapist, this statement resonates with me and causes me to consider the daily struggles of married couples.


Recognizing challenges is the first step to overcoming them, then having the necessary support and tools makes a huge difference. Couples Corner provides those support and tools, bringing hope that challenges can be overcome. It brings the presence of God, in the person of the priest, into marriage.


Theology intersects with family life, psychology embraces faith; God’s peaceful and healing presence is brought into the marital relationship. It always takes three in a marriage: God, husband and wife. Hence, we focus on hope and healing for couples at this corner.

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