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Week 02: Dealing with Water Challenges

Week 02: Dealing with Water Challenges

During the construction process, one of the challenges we encountered was ensuring an adequate water supply, which was essential for completing the footer foundation. Initially, we relied on gathering water from a nearby stream to support our construction efforts. However, as the demand for water increased, we recognized the need to find a more sustainable solution.

In response, the project organizers took proactive steps to address this issue by procuring water tanks to facilitate the concrete pouring process. This strategic decision not only helped us meet our water needs but also ensured smoother and more efficient construction operations.

Despite the logistical challenges we faced, our team remained committed and resilient. We continued to work diligently, manually mixing and transporting concrete using 5-gallon buckets. While this approach required extra effort, it allowed us to maintain progress on the foundation construction.

In the end, our meticulous efforts paid off, resulting in the successful installation of the footer block foundation. This accomplishment stands as a testament to our team's dedication and perseverance in overcoming obstacles to achieve our construction goals.

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