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Join our project: Words from Dick Morsey

The backstory to this operation is that Fr Vin founded the Family Apostolate which is a 5013c charity. As part of his vision he now wants to establish an orphanage in Nigeria. Sometime ago he became acquainted with a nun in Nigeria but along the way he lost contact. When he finally reconnected and asked where the nun was assigned, she told him about the orphanage where she was working. The orphanage specializes in abandoned handicapped children of various ages. These kids are left on the streets to die because of their special needs which their families can't provide. Keep in mind that this is Nigeria where thee is no government help for anything. The poor nuns take the kids in and supply all their needs which are many. The nuns and the kids have nothing. Whatever they have comes from donations and begging. The short term request is for the items in the flyer. The plan is to get whatever is collected to the kids by December prior to Fr Vin arriving for his home visit.

The long term plan which is being worked on right now is to design and construct a building to house the nuns and the kids. The estimated cost for this project is about $200K US dollars. A group of engineers locally are doing the design and working with the builders in Nigeria.

To make a monetary donation, visit:

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