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Joseph's story will bring tears to your eyes

The boy Joseph is about seven years old now. He was abandoned in the hospital by his mother immediately after delivery possibly because of complicated health conditions. Joseph can neither sit nor stand. Joseph is unable to talk. He lacks the psychomotor to do anything and has no reflex in his body. The sisters of Missionary Daughters of Mater Ecclesiae picked Joseph up and have become everything to Joseph. Imagine poor nuns taking care of a boy needing critical and intensive care like Joseph. They eke out their existence to give him their best. But Joseph needs more -a special bed to sleep on, a wheelchair to move, special therapy as well medical care. Joseph cannot swallow solid food. He moans and whines from time to time, a way to express feelings and pains.

Here's what Sr. Janefrances, the caretaker for these kids wrote, "Even when we cook solid food we blend it for him because he can't chew food. Joseph is always on diapers. Even some volunteer workers won't near him. When we try to employ some workers, because of Joseph they will not agree to work with us. We only know how he feels by checking his body temperature. Among all our children Joseph's case seems to be very difficult. It takes over two hours to feed Joseph alone. It requires a lot of patience to attend to him."

Why won't I be a part of a history that can impact positively on a kid like Joseph? Why won't you join a cause like this? Come on!

"These kids are orphans. They have no electricity, no running water, no refrigerator and only the most basic food. They often lack their required medication. These kids have never watched television and have no toys to play with. And they have no home. My goal is to build a home for them." -Fr. Vin


To be a part of my dream, contact me directly at or give an online donation at

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