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Meet my baby Trinitas

Trinitas is about 4 years old now. This kid was abandoned by her mother right after delivery. There is no trace of this mother to date neither are there any links to her family. As is evident from her physical appearance, she has hydrocephalus and some other psychological imbalances.

Trinitas has come to know the love of the sisters of the Missionary Daughters of Mater Ecclesiae picked Trinitas who picked her up and are doing their best to give her quality life. They are the reason for the smile you see on her face. Isn't that amazing? Though the challenges are enormous, it's worth the sacrifice. BeIieve me, the sisters are really poor, the commitment to give life drives their great motive. It is this same passion to give life that provides me with the inspiration and that of the Family Apostolate. I am poor too, but I love to see kids like Trinitas get a better quality of life. I'm sure you'll want Trinitas and the kids to survive.

"These kids are orphans. They have no electricity, no running water, no refrigerator and only the most basic food. They often lack their required medication. These kids have never watched television and have no toys to play with. And they have no home." -Fr. Vin

#Let'sbuildahomeforthesekids. To be a part of my dream, contact me directly at or give an online donation at

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