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2020 Advent Retreat

The Family Apostolate


December 1
Be Calm and Unafraid, like St. Joseph
Speaker: Fr. Matt Buening 
December 2
Grounded in Prayer
Speaker: Fr. Tony Adawu
December 3
Lessons in Perseverance 
Speaker: Fr. Austin Murphy
December 4
Witnessing in Transit
Speaker: Fr. Boniface Anusiem
December 5
All Eyes on the Lord, Example of Peter
Speaker: Fr. Albert Nze
December 5
All Eyes on the Lord, Example of Mary
Speaker: Fr. Vincent Arisukwu
December 5
Healing Prayers
Fr. Albert Nze


It was a wonderful week and I’m so blessed for having attended. I was a little down with all this sickness around me and now I'm full of hope in the Lord!! I know you all worked so hard to bless us and you did just that!!! 


How courageous of your team to create such a strong retreat fully visual and dependent on technology. I doubted I could get on successfully with my ability but  I did! You helped me grow technologically but more importantly spiritually. I learned a lot and am comforted by your retreats message. God bless the entire Family Apostolate team. 


The retreat/webinar was a beautiful and fruitful time of spiritual reflection for me. The timing was perfect. Very impressed by the technical coordination during the retreat and ease of signup and logon.



Thank you for hosting this retreat. My mom, Irene also signed up for this retreat.


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