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Love: Eucharist Centered


The Family Apostolate is a registered 501 c(3) religious organization. It was born out of the desire of Fr. Vincent Arisukwu to strengthen family life. The conviction of the Family Apostolate is that healthy families form the bedrock of a holy society: spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. As St. John Paul II so aptly said, “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”

The love of the Family Apostolate translates into practical evangelization actions that support couples in their marriage journey. We are also dedicated to the care of orphaned children. Healthy families rely on God's care and compassion. Hence, we bear witness to the ministry of Christ in the world, namely, that they may have life in full.

Where Faith & Family Meet

Family is a small-scale version of the Holy Trinity and image of God’s love. Holy families can change not only the face of the church but the direction of the world. Our families must be a place where God is encountered first, where the sacrificial love of husband and wife, rooted in Christ’s love, impart this love to their children.

The Sunday Homily
We mistakenly presume that love is something we can give as it pleases us. Listen to the incredible story of the love of priests on board the Titanic.

Homily here:
Join Our Family

"Dear Jesus, help me to spread Your fragrance everywhere I go." - St. Teresa of Calcutta
We need your gifts; we need your presence; most of all we need your heart. Consider volunteering for the Family Apostolate and becoming part of our family. We strive to love the Lord and one another as He loves us.  

Kids Helping Kids

The St. Philip Neri and St. Clement Faith Formation kids donated $275 in alms for Emeka's House this Lent. What a great gift they gave indeed. It is not how much we give but the love we put into the giving! Many thanks to these sweet children.

Sr. Janefrancis Osinachi
Sr. Janefrancis is the head mistress of Emeka's House Orphanage. She is a member of the Missionary Daughters of Mater Ecclesiae, making her final profession in 2023. Sr. Janefrancis is the one who first reached out to Fr. Vin in 2020 for help. From there, the beautiful orphanage project was born. She truly lives the words of Mother Teresa, “The work is only a means to put our love for Christ into action… to work for the poorest of the poor.” 
Local school children welcome Fr. Vin and the construction ground-breaking team
A day in the life of the orphanage as they anxiously await their new home
Fr. Vin blesses the property and workers and sings to Jesus with the orphanage crew and friends
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