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"I find it personally a thing of joy sharing meals with the kids"-Sr. JaneFrances

You have to just love what you do. That means doing it with passion, joy, and grandeur. It means waking up each day with enthusiasm to get to work. This is what Sr. Janefrances does with the kids at the orphanage.

The fact is that in these kids, Sister has found a new family; she has established a home among these kids. They see her as mom, caregiver, and friend. Mother Teresa once said,“Our life of poverty is as necessary as the work itself. Only in heaven will we see how much we owe to the poor for helping us to love God better because of them.” I believe that the kids have helped Sister Janefrances to love God better and to love humanity with greater devotion as she gazes on their faces each day. So, she's got to be grateful to them for being a means to increase her service to God and to humanity. What a reward!

Sr. Janefrances just celebrated her birthday and I watched the pictures with keen interest. Happy birthday, Sr. JaneFrances! May God bless you. For obvious reasons, most of us would prefer a great time with friends, go out for dinner, visit the beach, attend a party, or do something lavish. Sister's was a good time with these kids and little children with an indescribable joy and amazement. Looking at her face side by side these kids, one could see that childlike expression of a meek nun. This joy derives from the day-to-day care she gives to these lovely orphans. Her exuberance emanates from looking after Trinitas, Joseph, Emannuelle, Marilyn, Clinton, and all of them. So, they see hope when they see her. They see joy. They see compassion. They believe that through Sister's cheerfulness, the warmth of God's love is present above their physical and mental health challenges. Here's how Sister described her day-to-day routine:

In the morning, some of the children wake up by themselves while others need to be woken up. I bring each of them to the bathroom, then they are taken outside to the porch. While volunteers help them to eat breakfast, I clean and set up their rooms. Breakfast and bath time takes about 4 hours. Four of the kids can eat by themselves while the others require full assistance. After breakfast and bath, I taken them back to their rooms. They have no toys, recreational materials or television to watch, so they spend most of their time inside. I use that time to do their laundry and to prepare their lunch. Usually, I get them to eat lunch at 1:30. I find it personally a thing of joy sharing meals with the kids. Sometimes, we have fruits, so we eat them, otherwise, I get some of them to nap while others remain in their rooms. That might be an opportunity to take a nap myself, on a good day. I try to take advantage of any minute I have to get some sleep. At other times, I Switch over to prepare their dinner. We have the custom to refresh them with evening prayer and the Rosary, then they eat their dinner. The kids retire at about 8 pm. But the nights can be a nightmare most times since some of the kids rarely sleep at night. I watch them to make sure their needs are taken care of and to know why those who cannot sleep are unable to. In the morning we begin our day again.

"These kids are orphans. They have no electricity, no running water, no refrigerator and only the most basic food. They often lack their required medication. These kids have never watched television and have no toys to play with. And they have no home. My goal is to build a home for them." -Fr. Vin


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