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TFA Magazine Christmas 2021 Edition

The Family Apostolate has released the Christmas 2021 edition of the magazine. The theme is the Joy of Friendship. At a time when the world has a critical need for connection and support, we feel it is important to reinforce the value of friendship. Walter Winchell, the great American journalist once wrote, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Bet we all have needed this type of friend in our lives, mostly in the past year, someone to hold our hand and say, “it's fine, keep moving."

This edition offers several inspiring and uplifting articles about friends and how we can help each other through this life, leading us into the next. Are you that person who brings joy to your friend? Have you been wounded by a friendship you so cherished? Are you searching for the best way to be a joyful friend? Then, read this edition.

Included also is a special section on Emeka House Orphanage. Read the stories of our kids and join in our campaign to give new life to these wonderful kids. There can be no better time to be friends with orphans than at Christmas. Contact us or make your donation directly on the website @

May God bless you with friends who will bring joy to your life.

Click on the link below to gain access to the magazine.

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