THE Missionary Daughters of
Mater Ecclesiae

Giving life to abandoned children, one child at a time

Our Story

The Family Apostolate is partnering with the Missionary Daughters of Mater Ecclesiae in Nigeria because we believe in the sisters' ministry to give worth and dignity to abandoned children made in God's image. Our goal is to identify with the Mystical Body of Christ, to live out the Great Commission, "Go, make disciples of all nations." On the faces of these poor, hungry kids, we find Christ. We see in these orphans, the need to feed, clothe, and nourish the Body of Christ. We feel called to assist the sisters in their effort to bring the gospel values to God's littlest and most needy ones.


The Sisters' Story:

We are the Missionary Daughters of Mater Ecclesiae. As religious women, our apostolate springs from our deep love for the Catholic Faith. This passion drives our desire to promote and protect our rich Catholic Heritage by helping others to renew their faith.  Our spirituality is founded on an ardent love for the poor and the challenged members of the mystical Body of Christ. The children under our care are orphans who have been abused or abandoned. They were denied basic parental care and nurturing through no fault of their own. We pick them up. We care for them. We love them.


A typical day in the life of the orphanage

~ By Sister JaneFrances

There are eight children under my care. Breakfast preparation begins in the middle of the night to allow for an easier morning. In the morning, some of the children wake up by themselves while others need to be woken up. I bring each of them to the bathroom, then they are taken outside to the porch. While volunteers help them to eat their breakfast, I clean their rooms. Breakfast and bath time takes many hours.  Four among them can eat by themselves while we assist the other four with eating. After breakfast and bath, there are no toys, recreational materials or television to watch so they are taken back to their rooms so I can wash their clothes and prepare their lunch. Lunch is ready by 1:30. At that time, I eat with the kids. If there is fruit for a treat, we have that too.  After lunch, some of them nap while others remain in their rooms.  Depending on what we will have for dinner determines whether or not I will be able to take a nap. Sometimes I can sleep a little, other times I will immediately begin to prepare their dinner. We refresh them with evening prayer and the Rosary then they eat their dinner.  After dinner, we retire for the evening. The nights can be long for me as some of the orphans wake up throughout the night with crying or other problems. In the morning we begin our day again.

Meet The kids

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This is Trinitas. She is about 3 to 4 years old. She was abandoned by her mother at the hospital there is no trace of her family.  She has hydrocephalus and psychological imbalances.

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This is Joseph. He is about 7 to 8 years of age and is autistic. He can neither sit nor stand. Joseph was abandoned in the hospital by his mother.



This is Emmanuelle. She is about 8 to 9 years of age. She was starved, locked up and maltreated by her family. They eventually threw her out of the house which broke her hips. She is physically and psychologically challenged. 

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This is Osawese (Thank God).  He is about 18 to 19 years and was picked up in the streets by the Nigerian social welfare. He is epileptic and psychologically  challenged. There is no trace of his family. The only thing he is able to do by himself is eat.

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This is Clinton. He is about 15 to 16 years old. There is no trace of his family. Clinton is severely epileptic and mentally disabled. He was picked up on street by the Nigerian police.

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This is Marieline. She is about 6 to 7 years of age with no trace of her family. She was found abandoned in the streets. She is physically and mentally challenged and can't walk.

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This is Susan. She is about 18 to 19 years of age and is mentally challenged. Apart from feeding herself, she cannot do anything else. She has no family and was picked up from the streets.

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This is Michael and he is about 9 to 10  years old.  He was rescued from his mentally ill mother. He is mentally challenged and epileptic

Breakfast time

Morning bath

Assisting the little ones

Sweet Joseph

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